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  • Are the Other Sheep also spiritual Israelites?
  • What constitutes the Biblical Israel today?
    • This section also discusses the number 144,000. Is it to be taken literally? Does it matter?
  • When did the ingathering of the Other Sheep start, of the Born Again Start? Until when will the Saints be present on Earth?
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Will all the dead of Sheol be resurrected? The subject starts from the page-top, thus no internal page link is given.  Link: Sheol

Can the resurrected Saints sin?
The page contains a page-link to Sin: this link redirects to the page proper Sealing

Once a person has been selected a Saint, can he die before his testing finishes? ( same link) Main subject.


Why is preaching the good news vital for our individual salvation?

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What happened to Enoch and Elijah? Did they go to heaven?

Found in trivial questions, use the page link to go there after clicking on this link: Trivial Stuff

When will the first resurrection take place?

Found on 'Condition of the dead', page

See also the first and second resurrection page.

FDS - Who and when do they become the Faithful and Discreet Slave?

The Faithful and Discreet Slave     Who are they? and when will they receive their reward?

Wormwood Star - what is it?  Revelation Chaper Eight

The New Covenant - who is included?  New Covenant – are all Christians in it?

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