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Method of study

Here a secret of Revelation is divulged. The discovery is simple enough and may be verified by all who have read Revelation more than once.  The secret is that God makes use of a literary device that must not interfere with the logical interpretation of the book's symbols. This literary device is used to keep the Revelation a secret and in sequence as a story. The literary device consists in the scroll, the seals, the trumpets, the woes, the bowls, etc.  These symbols are devices that keep track of and gives an orderly progress to the books message. 

However, most of these devices need to be ignored; instead, focus must be on parallel occurrences within each section (chapters were added by translators so these do not always help in this). Once the parallel occurrence is noted, the material is studied and its meaning becomes clear(er).

The rest of scripture must be included to get the full meaning of the symbolic language.  Using this method helps greatly in making sense out of the message.


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-4-      -5, 6-      -7-


  –  It only includes what pertains to specific issues on page 12 and talks about the timing of Armageddon, the timing of the first resurrection, when Satan is ousted from heaven, etc. 

-13 & 17- (added 2013-1213 )Speaks mainly on the topic of the eight king and Babylon the Great, the Great Whore.

- 14 -  (added 2013-1215)

-14, 15, 16-

Our Lord’s Day  – a brief overview of  chapters four to chapter twenty.  Chapter seven is excluded since it doesn't fit in to the series, the sequence.

Revelation Spreadsheet  – lines up the icons in an easy to see manner helps understanding their interrelationships.

Seals Seals one to six are explained.

Trumpets  –The seventh seal trumpets are interpreted.

Bowls of anger

Timeline  – is a spreadsheet showing the chapters and verses of Revelation as they occur in time.

1260 days – Revelation chapter eleven



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