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1st  seal

White horse – conquering

2nd seal

Fiery coloured horse – war

3rd seal

Black horse – hunger

4th seal

Pale horse – death and Hades

5th seal 

Saintly souls cry out

6th seal 

earthquake, sun black, moon as blood, heaven departed, stars of heaven fell to earth

7th seal

silence in heaven

followed by trumpets


Trumpet 1

Hail & fire + blood


Trumpet 2

Fiery mountain into sea of mankind


Trumpet 3

Great star fell from heaven, wormwood


Trumpet 4

Sun smitten & 1/3 moon and stars


Trumpet 5

Star of heaven given key of abyss

1st woe

Trumpet 6

Four angels at Euphrates untied

2nd woe end

Trumpet 7

The kingdom has passed to Christ

3rd woe 12:12


1st bowl of anger

Hurtful and malignant ulcer

2nd bowl of anger

Blood of a dead man, everything in the sea (of mankind) died

3rd bowl of anger

Fountains and rivers of water became blood

4th bowl of anger

Sun scorches men with a great heat

5th bowl of anger

Kingdom of wild beast darkened, gnaw their tongues in pain

6th bowl of anger

Euphrates river dries up, that the kings from the east may come

7th bowl of anger

Has come to pass, lightnings, voices, thunders, a great earthquake

From looking at the horsemen, each shows itself to be represented by a separate seal.  Thus we may understand that the trumpets, the woes, and the bowls of anger are literary devices used by God to keep order and to show us the various things to come upon earth in this day of wrath.

The iconic events, the seals, bows of anger, etc., are concurrent.  Transposing the seal events unto our reality, war, hunger, pestilence is seen to occur simultaneously.  There is some sequence to events, but that sequence is unrelated to these seals.  A separate study of the events may reveal which ones are prior to others and which ones follow others.

While the four horses with their war, their hunger, their pestilence and plain misery are physical manifestations that our times testify abundantly to, many of the other events are spiritual ones that refer to spiritual darkness and affliction.

The 6th bowl is interesting in the sense that it shows how organized religion shall loose its power over the masses of the peoples worldwide so as to prepare the way for the greater Cyrus, Jesus Christ.

Perhaps this may liberate (at the very least my own) the study of Revelation so as to compare the events mentioned and not the iconinc sequence.  This may provide us with a line of events from the beginning of the day of wrath to its end.

The following is not meant to be anything but a suggestion.  Any insights are welcome.


Day of wrath


Pre-Armageddon, Great Tribulation.


8, 9, 10, 11:1-14, 12, 13, 14:6,7; 16, 17

Great Tribulation



Post Great Tribulation



Armageddon commences Christ's kingdom rule with a wedding and war.


11:15 -19, 14: 8, 15-20; 18, 19:11-21


Kingdom rule begins in  earnest


20:2, 20:4-15, 21

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