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The links have nothing to do with me.  However, it is my opinion that the ones posted teach important lessons to all who dare view them.

The Exodus Decoded series shows what could have caused the ten plagues.  Proof from both Egyptian sources and from archeological sources are demonstrating that these plagues did occur.  Unfortunately, this series did not seem to connect God's control to the plagues, which is a must. 

For example, the death of the firstborn of man and animal is explained in terms of human reasoning, not in terms of God making it so.  In that sense, it may appeal more to those who do not believe in divine miracles.  Nonetheless, it tells the Christian that there is undeniable historical facts behind this ancient account .

Link to:  

Exodus Decoded #1 (Hyksos, History Channel)

Next, a few good links are provided.  They present fine proof for God having created all things:

The first link is a speech by a former NASA engineer who turned from Atheism and Evolution to being a believer in creation. 
His presentation improves over the series and is quite funny.  It makes some startling revelations about our knowledge about the solar system and its origin.

Our Solar System: Evidence for Creation, Part 1 of 9

The Privileged Planet
is a most excellent presentation and provides us in clip three with so many conditions that needed to be right for the earth to be able to sustain us.

Intelligent Design  (Short clip)
Unlocking The Mystery Of Life #1

These next links are here because they demonstrate that we haven't been told the whole story by present academia.

This first link begins with a discussion of today's prevailing ideology, Evolution.  This is brought out so that data may be thrown at it to show that this linear worldview is not in accord with true archaeology.   Charlton Heston is the narrator.

Forbidden Archeology part 1 of 6

Inoperative link:  I am simply keeping it so that its name may be searched for once in a while.
The next link has a lot of fine material beginning from the end of #1.  The narrator is a bit too long winded in his preaching, and some may want to get to the meat of the carcass of ' thought provoking archeology ' before they run out of time and patience.  Still, it is worth the effort to see the evidence.

Thought Provoking Archeology Part 1 of 6

The Spinx series are quite enjoyable.  They demonstrate that our present day academia's pretension in regard to linear evolution and linear historic development is bogus.

Pyramids, pre egypt, ancient civilization, transformer

This link is about the technology traces left behing in Egypt showing us that the commonly taught history is false.

Sphinx and Great Pyramids – true ages Revealed (BBC)

Mystery of the Sphinx - part 1

Giants:Mystery and the Myth 1/6

Ancient UFO Paintings

This next video link is not supportive of the belief in a creative God.  Instead, it is a scientific discussion of  What we still don’t know! and how can we avoid at all cost getting to know it. 

These scientists truly take ear tickling to new heights by inventing a new belief system created according to their own desires.  Christians may then marvel that those who accuse them of unfounded beliefs now themselves embrace with fervor the very concept that they accuse others of being guilty of.

They demonstrate loud and clear how the idea of a creative God is anathema to scientists and that these will go to any length to avoid attributing what exists to God's handiwork. 

The fact that the cosmological constant is fine tuned to an unbelievable degree is given with all its gory implications for these scientists that - no matter how much God stares them in the eyes directly - blink and find some other way of getting around this impossible conundrum that a creative God presents to their philosophy. 

The cosmological constant is brought up after 16 minutes of viewing, or so.

Dinosaurs and the Bible – Steve Wolfe

About 20-30 min into the program, Steve makes a good point about what the scripture says.

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