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On the previous page the following points were covered:

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  • Jesus - son of Adam, son of God, born perfect
  • Adam's offspring and sin
  • A desperate situation -- How God interacted with us

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  • Points covered so far
  • A side step
  • Why did Christ have to die for us?
    • If Jesus had married and had children
    • Uncleanliness
    • How may such uncleanliness be made holy again?
    • Tooth for Tooth
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Points covered so far:
  1. It has been established that Jesus was born a son of God as Adam was a son of God.
  2. For this reason, he is named the Last Adam. ( 1 Cor 15:45)
  3. That upon his baptism he became the spiritual Son of God.
  4. That we inherit our imperfection from Adam.
  5. That God needs to interact with us through an intermediary. (1 Tim 2:5)
Everything about the Law Covenant, its festivals, the tabernacle, the holy, the most holy, the different things therein were symbols pertaining to the greater things that came with Christ after his resurrection. Such a study surely contains much of interest, but is not directly connected to the ransom and will not be covered here.

Let this oft repeated phrase be said once more. The Law Covenant was a Tutor leading to Christ in that its inability to save sinners made sin obviously sinful. This was where Christ's offered a more excellent sacrifice that covered sins permanently.

Side step:

For those that wonder about the following: Hypothetical: Could another man have been created from dust, perfect as the first, however not from heaven, and still be used as the ransom ? The question is answered here: 2nd-Adam-Question

Why did Christ have to die for us?

As you recall, Jesus was the last Adam, the second one. In all respects he was human as the first, perfect as the first, and all important, because of being born of Mary of the line of David,of the line of Judah, of Abraham, he was a not a new species. Again the line of previous ancestry may be largely expounded upon -- but is not part of the ransom.

If Jesus had married and had children:

Do human beings have the right to procreate? So, did Jesus! Did he make use of this God given right? No! If he had, God would have had on hand an new race of perfect humans and would have had no need, nor desire to produce a ransom for us!  Thus for Jesus, the last Adam to be born perfect and for him not to die for us would be counterproductive to our future. It would have no beneficial effect at all, and as stated if he had children, it would mean our annihilation.  In fact, God would also be less than pleased since he would have lost his heavenly firstborn and archangel, Michael, from his side forever.


On the previous page, a scripture from Job demonstrated that nobody can produce something clean from something unclean. The Psalmist confirms this by stating:
Psalm 51:5 Look! With error I was brought forth with birth pains, And in sin my mother conceived me. (NW)
On our own, we have this:
Psalm 49:7-10 none can by any means redeem his brother, nor give to God a ransom for him 8(for the redemption of their life is costly, and it fails forever), 9that he should still live always, that he should not see corruption. 10For he shall see it. Wise men die. The fool and the brutish alike perish, and leave their wealth to others. (ACV)
Here it states "to give to God a ransom for him." This is the problem that the ransom addresses since we are unclean sold into sin. (Romans 7:14) But *I* am fleshly, sold under sin. (Darby)

How may such uncleanliness be made holy again?

Paul explains:
Hebrews 9:21-22 and both the tabernacle and all the vessels of the service with blood in like manner he did sprinkle, 22and with blood almost all things are purified according to the law, and apart from blood-shedding forgiveness doth not come. (YLT)
There the answer lays in a nutshell ! Without blood shedding there is no forgiveness! Such is God's justice! It is unalterable for himself and others. His laws are not just for amusement to be broken whenever it becomes expedient to do so for himself.

Tooth for Tooth

Here the principles of the Law Covenant are seen to be everlasting principles. This is not about food, dates, festivals and the Sabbath; no, this is about justice, the unalterable laws of God for the rest of eternity.
Exodus 21:23-25 . . . he shall give life for life, 24eye for eye, tooth for tooth, hand for hand, foot for foot, 25burning for burning, wound for wound, stripe for stripe. (AB)
Thus, if someone killed another person's sheep, a sheep exactly equivalent would have to be given in replacement. In our case, Adam lost a perfect human life, stole it from us through the breaking of law. To restore what was lost, a perfect human life would have to be paid – nothing less, nothing more.

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