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  Dogma of error

Dogma of error

The subject is probably endless.  Some teachings are so major that they are found on the main page.  Here a few lesser dogma are explored. This material is copied from an old 1976 document whose authors are unknown, but welcome free distribution and copying.
The reference link is: Open Letter

It should be stronly stated that while the letter explorers many fine points, it itself contains many errors.

The gentile times ended in 1914?!  (Dogma of error)

Copied from the above link:

Gentile Times, For What?

If the "appointed times of the nations" (Luke 21:24) is a period of time during which the gentile nations dominate God's kingdom, and this period of time ended in 1914, who do the gentile nations still dominate?  If the trampling ended in 1914 at the time of WWI, why does Jesus say that the trampling continues through the sign of Luke 21?  In other words, why does Luke 21:24 about the trampling FOLLOW the sign?  If Jesus says the trampling occurs following the war, famine, pestilence, etc., why do we say the trampling ended when these signs began? Luke 21:10-24.

Does the "Jerusalem" Jesus speaks of in Luke 21:20 as being surrounded by encampled armies change four verses later in Luke 21:24 to a symbolic, spiritual, cryptic, representative Jerusalem in the heavens?

End of copy from that subject. 

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