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If I have overlooked some of God's attributes & qualities, let me know.

Created in his image – is how we conceive ourselves to be.  Many Bible students understand that this applies to God's attributes such as righteousness, justice, love, etc.  Other students take it literally.  Those who believe the latter need to contemplate the meaning of these scriptures:

Job 10:4,5, Do you have eyes of flesh? Or do you see as man sees? 5. Are your days as the days of mortals, Or your years as man's years. (NJB)

James 1:17,  the Father of the lights, with whom is no variation, or shadow of turning. (YLT)

Psalm 68:32, 33, Ye kingdoms of the earth, sing unto God; sing psalms of the Lord, (Selah,) 33Of him that rideth upon the heavens, the heavens which are of old: lo, he uttereth his voice, a mighty voice. (Darby)

John 4:24, God is a spirit . . .  (Darby)

Psalm 139: 3,4, you know when I sit, when I rise, you understand my thoughts from afar. 3. You watch when I walk or lie down, you know every detail of my conduct. 4.A word is not yet on my tongue before you, Yahweh, know all about it. (NJB)

Psalm 139:12,  Even darkness, will not conceal from thee,—but, night, like day, will shine, So is the darkness, as the light!  (Rotherham)

Psalms 121:4, Behold, he that keepeth Israel shall neither slumber nor sleep. (KJV)

Some of God's Qualities

– that are are different from ours are:

he is a spirit
he sleeps not
knows what we think before we even say it
he sees everything night or day, has not human-like eyes
has no beginning nor end of life

God's attributes includes perfect justice, mercy, loving-kindness. He is the avenger of our notorious deeds.

He is the only Creator!  As the scriptures state, "Remember, now, your Grand Creator in the days of your young manhood. (Eccl 12:1)

A unique point about God's wrath:

God's loving kindness is expressed when he avenges our notorious deeds upon us. AsPsalm 62:12 states it, "Also unto thee, O Lord, belongeth loving kindness; For thou renderest to every man according to his work." (ASV)

Together with Paul's admonition in Rom 12:19, this teaches that the above assurances permits each Christian to forgive sins committed against him or his since God promises to pay back everybody what they deserve! That we forgive someone else's sins doesn't affect how God treats that one.  God shall discipline with mercy all considered to be his children. (Heb 12:4-6)
Rom 12:19, Avenge not yourselves, beloved, but give place unto the wrath of God : for it is written, Vengeance belongeth unto me; I will recompense, saith the Lord. . . . (ASV)

God is without beginning and without end – therefore uncreated.

In (RNKJV) Revelation 1:8, God is attributed the following, "I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending, saith יהוה, which is, and which was, and which is to come, the Almighty.” Here the Almighty, Jehovah or יהוה is the God that is and was and that which is to come.

God is Almighty, omnipotent

The Bible tells us something amazing about God. It says that nobody can hide from him because his spirit permeates all things created and all things existing.
Jer 23:24, Can any hide himself in secret places so that I shall not see him? saith Jehovah. Do not I fill heaven and earth? saith Jehovah. (ASV)
Thus from what we are shown, God used his spirit to create all things with.

If then in a small sense, we are made of 'stuff' belonging to and still being part of God, then indeed God is Almighty since there is no power that operates apart from his being – no sun, no black hole, nothing operates apart from his having created it and it still being part of his essence though separate entities. Thus we see one key fact about the universe at large, it is not grayness and unity, it is in fact the separation of things into separate entities that cause all things to have shape and to function cohesively.

Just take matter. The fact that neutrons, electrons, protons are the same for each atom of each element is marvelous since each atom of each element's construction having differing numbers of these similar basic entities bring life, function, and beauty to the universe. Thus God relies on a very basic law, that of keeping things separate but together, cohesively working to cause complexity to come about.

All of these being made from and out of God's essence, inseparable from his essence, so that he can find it anywhere in his realm. In that sense God truly is omnipotent since no power exist apart from him. 

No other God

Similarly, God also states in (Rotherham) Isaiah 43: 10, “Ye, are my witnesses Declareth Yahweh, And my Servant, whom I have chosen,—That ye may take note—and believe me, And perceive that, I, am He, Before me, was not formed a GOD, Nor after me, shall one come into being.” There will never be any other Almighty God and he is יהוה whom we know as Jehovah or Yahweh.
Genesis 17:1 And when Abram was ninety years old and nine, Jehovah appeared to Abram, and said unto him, I am (1) God Almighty; walk before me, and be thou perfect. (1) Heb El Shaddai ) (ASV)

In Genesis 17:1, the Almighty is identified as Jehovah God.God is a spirit. (Darby) John 4:24, “God is a spirit; and they who worship him must worship him in spirit and truth.

God's person – his spirit body

God has a spirit body. (1 Cor 15:40) He resides in a fixed location in the heavens. However, he is not restricted to this location or to the known universe!  Since the heavens were created by God through his Son Jesus, it is thus made clear to us how God does not live inside our universe, and why he cannot be contained therein.

1 Kings 8:27, “But will God indeed dwell on the earth? Behold, the heavens, and the heaven of heavens, cannot contain thee; how much less this house which I have built! (Webster)

Psalm 33:13, “From the heavens hath Jehovah looked, He hath seen all the sons of men. 14From the fixed place of His dwelling, He looked unto all inhabitants of the earth.” (YLT)

Job 1:6, And there was a day when the sons of God came to present themselves before Jehovah; and Satan came also among them. (Darby)

Hebrews 10:12, But this man, having offered one sacrifice on behalf of sins forever, sat down at the right hand of God. (ACV) Colossians 3:1 . . .seek the things above, where Christ is, sitting at the right hand of God. (ACV)

Hebrews 9:24, For the Christ entered not into a holy place made with hands, representative of the true, but into heaven itself, now to appear in the presence of God for us. (ACV)

Further, the scriptures demonstrate the following, that Christ has a body of his glory, a spirit body! (See also Christ's Resurrection –in the flesh or as a spirit being?)

Philippians 3:20,21 For our citizenship exists in the heavens, from which also we await a Savior, Lord Jesus Christ, 21who will transform the body of our lowliness, in order for it to become similar in form to the body of his glory, according to the working of his power even to subject all things to himself. (ACV)

Colossians 1:15 who is an image of the invisible God, the firstborn of all creation. (ACV)

Hebrews 1:1-3 1 God, . . . by a Son, 2whom he appointed heir of all things, . . . 3Who, being the radiance of his glory, and the exact image of his essence, . . . he sat down at the right hand of the Majesty in the heights. (ACV)

1 Corinthians 15:44 It is sown a natural body, it is raised a spiritual body. There is a natural body, and there is a spiritual body. (ACV)
In first Corinthians chapter fifteen, it states that those resurrected to heaven get a spirit body. As Philippians just quoted stated, their bodies will be similar in form to the body of the glorified Jesus Christ. Well, if Jesus has a spirit body, then according to Colossians and Hebrew's just quoted, so does the father.

Though God’s spirit body resides in a fixed place (Ps 33:13), his spirit is omnipresent. Through his spirit he knows all that happens everywhere.

Jeremiah 23:24, “Is any one hidden in secret places, And I see him not? an affirmation of Jehovah, Do not I fill the heavens and the earth? An affirmation of Jehovah.” (YLT)

(Rotherham) Can any hide himself in secret places that I, shall not see him? Demandeth Yahweh,—The heavens and the earth, do I not fill? Demandeth Yahweh.

Commentary: As you saw if you read the above scriptures, God tells us that he lives in a fixed place in the heavens; he also says that he fills the heavens and the earth. The logical conclusion is that his spirit body remains in a single locality while his spirit is everywhere and omniscient as far as sensing everything going on at any given moment, even a person’s very thoughts.

That we find in (NW) Isaiah 65:24, “And it shall come to pass, that before they call, I will answer; and while they are yet speaking, I will hear,” and (YLT) Psalm 139:4, “there is not a word in my tongue, Lo, O Jehovah, Thou hast known it all!

God is all wise. However, he is only all knowing in a limited sense--not because of lack of ability but because of love; he has set himself this limit. That limit he has set gives his creatures, angelic, human, and animal, free will and free action within their sphere of action.

On the following page are a few scriptures about God and Christ with a little commentary. The scriptures are different than the Christ Relative God page.

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Before the Beginning – A Personal Opinion

The following is strictly a personal interpretation!

John 1:1-3, In a beginning was the Word, and the Word was with the God, and a god was the Word. 2This was in a beginning with the God. (Diaglott)

3All things were made through him; and without him was not anything made that hath been made. (ASV)

Before God begat Jesus, his firstborn son – what was?  In John's Revelation 1:8 this is said about the Almighty, Jehovah:

I am the Alpha and the Omega, saith the Lord God, he who is, and who was, and who is to come, the Almighty. (Darby)

Since Rev 1:1 shows that Christ received the Revelation from his Father, God the Almighty, this scripture may not refer to Christ.

From that verse, we understand that God is a God of the past, the present and the future.  It is my opinion that this is meant in the sense that God exists throughout all time simultaneously.

When John 1:1 says, "In the beginning was the Word" I take this to mean when time began.  Thus before Jesus Christ was begotten that which existed was simply God.  God was or God existed – that is all.  Time did not have a meaning; it did not exist.  Time began to count from the moment God begat Jesus to be Christ.

Again, before the firstborn of God, Jesus, existed – all that was, was God.  God was all, the " I am that I am."  I do not claim  "I am that I am" refers to this,  just that it fits.

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