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 Divinity Page

God         God's Name       The Father  Is the Father Jehovah?  Or, is Jesus Jehovah?

Trinity: Athanasian Creed      John 1:1       Trinitarian Scriptures Studied

Jesus Christ     His pre-human Existence     Christ relative Jehovah  Just scriptures. 

Jesus preached in Hell?      Christ rose in the flesh or as a spirit?  

Jesus and Moses  What did Moses say about Jesus?

Jesus, the Man
   Islam v. Bible, God's son or not? Jesus on law  and Israel.

No other name given under heaven  What does this mean?

Prayer to Jesus and God

Did Moses see God?

Angels demons & ghosts 
    Fallen Angles - how many groups are there?

Where some points of interest are found

Christ's presence, his coming and revelation – are they the same?

Coronation of Christ – When?

Temple Project  menu

 Basic Bible One

New Covenant – are all Christians in it?

Law Covenant and Christians     

The Law :

1. . . that Paul repeatedly speaks of, which law is that?   2. Since we die because we are sinners, what law are we sinning against?
Page two: a collection of Christian Laws  4. Page three: Grace - what is it? how does it work?  5. Deeds

Is baptism essential for gaining salvation?

Holy Spirit, etc      The Helper  = Holy Spirit?


God’s Kingdom 

Little Flock & Other Sheep    

Who are God’s people today?

Saints / Born Again Ones         Can a Saint die before his testing is at an end? 

The Ransom

Archangel: Christ's Pre-human Existence
       Could another Adam not from heaven have been our ransom?

Are we saved through faith without works?

Is Paul's message about faith or is it also about works?

Christian Good Works    The Way  - about dietary requirements

Once Saved, Always Saved?    

Sex & Divorce

 Basic Bible Two

Why must Christians suffer?              The Refiner               Baptism with Fire

How are Christians judged by God while they live?               Unforgivable Sins 

Do Christians have to forgive all who sin against them? 

Divine Punishment of Christians for their sins

Why does God permit evil things to happen?      

God's Payback - why the wicked seem to flourish?

Praying for sinners        Divine Discipline - a reality       The Christ in Christian

Soul[Immortal & AnimalWhat?    

What is the spirit of man?

Condition of the Dead:[ One  &  TwoSpecial Scriptures ]

Judgment – God and Christ's: What they are!

Sheol and Judgment    Rev 20:11-15   (Related Subjects)

Resurrections – First & Second

Hell Fire

 Basic Bible Three

Mortality & Eternal Life

Preaching to the Dead

Fate & Free Will   

How prophecies work  

Predetermination debunked

Creation   Addresses the Bible's creation account

Deluge   Were there other reasons for the flood than the one stated in Genesis?   

Antediluvian Diet

Trivia & Side Issues

          1.  Cain's Wife, wherefrom? 
          2.  Did God create the earth in six literal days, or in 6000 years? 
          3.  Did Enoch or Elijah go to heaven?
          4.  Is it wrong to crave the day of God?  Amos 5:18.
          5.  When is the founding of the World?

Luke 20:33-38    Who are the ones that do not marry?

Ruth    Why was the Moabitess Ruth permitted into Israel?

Basic Bible Four

A New Earth and New Heavens    

Lord’s Day of Wrath – When?

The New Testament    How was its canon assembled?  When? 

The Bible Past & Present  About punctuation and Luke 23:43

Scriptural Harmony

The Faithful and Discreet Slave     Who are they? and when will they receive their reward?

1st Century Pillars of Faith or a Governing Body?

Kingdom Scriptures      

End Prophecies  now commencing fulfillment.  The End has drawn near.

Great Tribulation  some ruminations about what occurs

Prophecies  General purpose of Biblical prophecies

Revelation  menu

Prose / Poems & Pictures

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